Padang Padang Beach

Is a secluded white sandy beach where important ceremonies are held, ideal for families, swimmers and sunbathers alike. The nearby reef surf is paradise for experienced surfers. Cold drinks, food and beach masseurs are available. We have access by a cliff top path so you can walk along the beach from Villa Pemutih or 5 minutes by Car.

Bingin and Impossible Beaches

Villa Pemutih overlooks these two Surfing Breaks, world famous for large, fast reef waves. When large surf is running this provides spectacular entertainment for our guests sitting at the top of the cliff or at poolside. When surf is calm and the tide is full, turtles, dugong, dolphins and even whales can be seen swimming in crystal clear waters below and in front of the Villa.

Dreamland Beach

Is famous for its white sandy beach, the azure blue waters and trendy, almost Mediterranean atmosphere. Cold drinks, food and beach masseurs are available. It boasts of a championship golf course only ten minutes drive from Villa Pemutih.