Imagine a movie set… A beautiful tropical garden perched high on the cliff edge, facing out to the expansive azure blue Indian Ocean with surf rolling in to the white sand beach below. With 180 degree views including Padang Padang point surf break around to Seminyak. Java and Volcanoes misty in the distance. This alone makes it the most unique location in Bali. Add an incredible sunset directly in front with reflections ever changing in the amazing infinity pool. Amongst the palm trees on the lawn, the tables are set with white linen tablecloths decorated with exotic flowers and scented candles so that the perfume floats through the warm evening breeze. Beautiful white balls of light float above the guests as they all enjoy the most romantic night of your life…

It is all possible at Villa Pemutih, one of the most beautiful locations on the Bukit, the place to create your dream wedding.

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